Chalantika in seasons: 2021

The seasons came every year in the same rhythm. But every time we experience them differently. Nowadays, in the "covid age", when no one can say what tomorrow will be like, we have to be ready for the variability and try to make our best of it. 

Below, you can read what the children of Chaalntika have experienced during the past year, which was defined by overcoming lockdowns and the great joy of returning to school.

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Bangladesh in Eliška´s heart

Eliška Hronková is the coordinator of the project Chalantika. In autumn 2021 she travelled to Bangladesh for a monitoring trip for the very first time. The fears of developing a disease as well as the fears of spiders and snakes were replaced by joy, unforgettable moments with children, princess afternoons, volleyball matches and photoshoots with soldiers.

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textbooks and school supplies
for one pupil
for four months

nutritious meal
for one child
for one month

school attandance
for one pupil
for one month

learning and writing
course for one mom
for one year

for one family
for one year

Children from Chalantika

Bangladeshi children from the poor quarters (slums) must fulfill the obligations of adults from an early age: carry out auxiliary work in textile factories, take care of household and younger siblings, collect recyclable garbage… Most of them do not attend school, cannot read or write, their families live in extreme poverty and education is unaffordable dream to them. Even these children dream their dreams, regardless of the conditions in which they grow up. One of them is to visit school…

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