November snapshots from Chalantika

We have just come back from our annual visit to Chalantika program. Take a moment to explore some of the best moments with students we have managed to capture!


The Chalantika Centre lives!

Chalantika is an educational centre situated in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka. It provides free pre-school preparation to children from the slum Chalantika prior to their admission to the first grade. The Centre supports the children even after they leave for the state school and motivates them to complete their education successfullyIt also works with parents of the children, for example, it offers courses in literacy and sewing.

textbooks and school supplies
for one pupil
for four months

nutritious meal
for one child
for one month

school attandance
for one pupil
for one month

learning and writing
course for one mom
for one year

for one family
for one year

Children from Chalantika

Bangladeshi children from the poor quarters (slums) must fulfill the obligations of adults from an early age: carry out auxiliary work in textile factories, take care of household and younger siblings, collect recyclable garbage… Most of them do not attend school, cannot read or write, their families live in extreme poverty and education is unaffordable dream to them. Even these children dream their dreams, regardless of the conditions in which they grow up. One of them is to visit school…

Thank you for your support!



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