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▪ I expected a smash but not this. I’m absolutely positively astonished! A really powerful “message”, which is conveyed with exceptional originality. Pio, you are exquisite!!! - Moni

▪ I got interested in the project of Pio Squad for Chalantika and I’d like to organize a benefit concert in our town… - Tereza

▪ SUPPORTED! A cool song, music video and idea. – Dan

▪ I know that it’s nothing to boast about but I’ve never sent any readies anywhere this way, this is my first time!!! And it’s only due to the power which this track has! – xlelusx

▪ I’ve been listening to it for about the tenth time in a row. The guys from Bangladesh killed it! “Big UP!” – Petr

▪ It touched me very deeply... thanks for what you do! – Ola

▪ A big thanks to PIO and everybody who is involved in Chalantika. Your evidence of where the money and effort go really got me!... Each of us should play the music video at times so that we would get over the constant complaining and would be more thankful and HAPPY :) - Joy

▪ Cool! Really powerful! – Robajs

▪ You really got me by this! A powerful song!!! Thanks for it, very much!!! – Dinous

▪ It’s gonna be legendary! – Mat

▪ I’ll support and share. This is worthwhile! – Lucka

▪ I enjoy this… I remember the fund-raising campaign at HH Kemp in 2014 :) - Martin

▪ A like. And a contribution naturally too! – Tereza

▪ I’ve exchanged “5 Beers” for a good feeling… Anyway, incredible work as for the music video and the guys from pio, their words, the melody… - Travel

▪ Guys, I’m taking my hat off, this really came off – and such rap is valued :)) – Štěpánka

▪ Perhaps the only Czech rappers who try to do something for others… “awesome”! – Jaffa

▪ “I am Bangladeshi and I am proud for it. Respect all who make this video, song and this concept.” – Capzz

▪ A brilliant idea, how can I like it? :) – Jarin

▪ I admire people who manage to help others with enthusiasm. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your project… - Filip

▪ The Pio Squad campaign mesmerized me and my class immediately and we’d like to organize a fund-raising campaign for Chalantika in our school. – Anna

▪ You can do nothing more than contribute and play it over and over again… despite such beautiful musical transmission, we don’t have a clue what’s going on there… and the picture of me living there doesn’t allow me not to send a contribution because people shouldn’t live like that… “Big respect”, guys, and you all who are going to contribute… This shows that humanity still exists :-) – Jakub

▪ Monthly school attendance for one pupil = done… so who will join me??? – Jindra

▪ A class act, huge respect !!!!!!! This is the calling…

▪ I don’t usually cry, neither do I donate just like that… but after watching I did both. Thank you, Pio, and you all who have participated. – Petr

▪ I’m taking my hat off! This is superb! Everyone really should see it…

▪ It never crossed my mind that rap could get me so much… PIO SQUAD – thanks a lot for the brilliant idea, catchy video and enthusiasm for persuading crowds into a good thing! – Janča

▪ It’s been sent, hope the little bit will help. You do a good thing; the song is motivating and good. I wish adra and pio squad much success, gratitude and many smiles. “Punks not dead” :) – Rosťa

▪ In today’s overmechanized world full of dull likes this appears to be an excellent idea! I hope the light will dawn on more people! I’m sharing and contributing :) – Andreita

▪ May it still work like this. Chala chala chalantika!!! – Mo

▪ From time to time a certain project catches my attention and I support it and this really got me, the smash is extremely powerful! Thanks for what you’ve done! It’s cool to see that when you want, you can do even big things. Supported, shared… - Jára

▪ The music video is cool! It really touched me. It’s great that also the locals have their part there… - Eva

▪ Respect for the pioneers!!! A really brilliant idea to help somebody this way :) – Extreme

▪ I’m 10 and I’ve been donating my pocket money to the children from Bangladesh for about a year. I really like this song. I’m gonna play it at school… - Eli

▪ I’ve been listening to it for the fourth time in a row and I haven’t had enough, insolence; I always say that simple is powerful – Richard

▪ A really powerful thing, I haven’t felt like this about listening to music for long. Thanks PIO – Petr

▪ “We have seen the music video. The children also saw. They were SO excited watching it. They like the video very much and kept looking for themselves in the video. We played it several times for them :) The choreography is also so nice. Thank you, PioSquad friends, for everything! We are joined with all of you across the world, enjoying and celebrating this great initiative for Chalantika. Thank you!” Easter, the head of the Chalantika centre

▪ “WE all are very much happy about seeing the faces of our night school children and our cultural group. We have already showed it our school children through laptop. The music is so interesting to us as the Bengali version is understandable for our children and our community members. In one word, the music video is fantastic and it is beyond our expectation! Please convey our love, friendship and sincere thanks to Pio Squad group, our children would love to see them again!” Rezaul, the head of a night school for working children (Milon Night School)

▪ There were just an idea, willingness and eagerness to do something meaningful at the beginning. But there are many ideas – even very good ideas – which we never implement. I’m really glad that it isn’t true for the initiative of Pio Squad for Chalantika! “We’ve come to say there’s nothing to wait for if you wanna do a good thing and not just talk,” Pio Squad rap in the video… Thank you, guys from Pio, for your idea, inspiration, desire to connect your lives with the Bangladeshi ones and to create a movement of such extent and impact! Thank you, Honza, for helping to add an amazing visual and authentic experience to the idea and music – you’re the greatest pro! Guys, thank you…it’s a pleasure to cooperate with you! And a big thank you to all the people who have joined and supported us! Together we can change the lives of particular children on the other side of the Earth for the better… :) Jarmila, ADRA



▪ “By no means did I expect so many people and with such enthusiasm to participate. Both at concerts and afterwards too. It’s amazing, you’re amazing!” DJ J-KId

▪ “Together we could give children from Chalantika at least a little childhood and the chance for a better future, thanks!” EURODEL

▪ “I’m glad that Chalantika exists! And it will continue existing and in greater extent thanks to your contributions, which have surpassed my expectations… We keep giving it away, pio 2015!” EFKO

Thank you for your support!


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