Organizing An Event

Do you want to help but you cannot support Chalantika financially? Never mind! It doesn’t matter that you are not rolling in money; after all, you can support good things in many other ways! Are you creative, a person of action, do you have good ideas? It definitely counts! Creativity helps too!

Do you want to join and do something for children from Chalantika but you do not know what?

Here are examples of events supporting Chalantika:

  • a run/sports tournament 
  • a concert of allied bands 
  • a charitable jumble sale or an auction
  • a FB challenge (let’s collect school aids for 10 children for a year, etc.)
  • a fund-raising campaign at school, at work
  • birthdays, weddings (people donate to the children from Chalantika instead of buying a present) 


Divoké husy Foundation even enables to double the total proceeds from an event.

Share your idea with us. Contact us at

Thank you for your support!


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