Do you know Arabic? I don’t and neither does Bellal — except that his name means “refreshing.” He has two sisters – Jasmin (14) and Selina (6). Their father died two years ago. Bellal’s mummy worked in a textile factory before she became pregnant and needed to stay home. Now only his older sister Jasmin works in the factory, where she earns around 1,800 CZK a month, when converted, and their rent amounts to 1,450 CZK. Bellal helps his family by going to a market with his best friend, his neighbour Arif, and picking food from discarded litter every evening.

Bellal is the only member of his family to go to school. In Bangladesh it is necessary to attend a one-year preparation before you enter the first class, but Bellal’s family couldn’t afford to pay the extra expense to send him. Bellal is very glad that he is now able to attend the school. He says that Bengali is his favourite subject, and the centre’s worker reveals that he can draw very well. Furthermore, due to his attendance at the Chalantika centre, he has learnt to observe basic hygiene habits and he is teaching them to his family. Although he is just seven years old, he has a clear idea of his future career: he wants to be a doctor and help not only his family but the whole community.

Ms. Shahanaz, Bellal’s family’s neighbour, says: “As Bellal doesn’t have a father, his family needs support. They have a very low income and food goes from hand to mouth. Please, help Bellal continue and complete his education so that he could stand on his own feet one day.”

This is exactly what the Chalantika centre strives for: to give children the opportunity to influence their future. Bellal dreams about becoming a doctor and living up to his name, and thus becoming help for the people who need to be “refreshed.”

By supporting the Chalantika project you are creating a bridge between a dream and reality not only in Bellal’s life but in the lives of eighty other children and their parents. 

Thank you for your support!


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