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ADRA is an international non-governmental humanitarian organisation providing help for people in need so that they can manage to take their life in their own hands. We help in emergency situations and with long-term developmental projects abroad and we focus on support for volunteering and global developmental education in the Czech Republic.

ADRA and Bangladesh

In Bangladesh we have been helping children towards education since 1999. Within the programme BanglaKids we support children at village and boarding schools – together with donors we have provided education for more than 6, 400 children. Our effort to extend our influence over poor districts was put into practice in 2013 in the Chalantika centre. We established this educational and leisure centre for children and their families from the slum of the same name in collaboration with the local organisation ADRA Bangladesh, in close proximity to one of larger slums in Dhaka district of Mirpur. The Chalantika centre is completely managed by local workers.

We are glad that even in Bangladesh we can look for the ways to meaningfully support education of children from the poorest backgrounds. We are convinced that this support significantly changes the lives of these children, their families and future generations.

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