Why you should support Chalantika

  • You will enable school-age children, who would not otherwise have an opportunity to go to school, to receive education.
  • You will give the slum children the opportunity to step out of the slum boundaries when they are adult, find a job and experience a happier life.
  • You will provide the slum children with a safe environment and background, which the children lack most.
  • You will support the children’s overall personality development in these areas: education, nutrition, health care, leisure time activities, hygiene, social and language skills development, etc.
  • You will give the children the opportunity to experience childhood.
  • You will offer education and better job opportunities to the children’s parents and guardians
  • You will become a part of a meaningful support for the children and their families and you will make their lives change for the better and for good. 


As donors and supporters of Chalantika you have the opportunity to change lives of particular children and their families from the other side of the Earth! Give them the chance for a better future! 

Thank you for your support!



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