Good-scooter on the way through Asia

From time to time someone knocks on the door of the ADRA who has a good idea of ​​helping others. We have the door open and we love to hear everyone who has a plan. One such good soul was Marek Jelinek. He came and said that he would be glad if his future advature could get another dimension. He said he saw some of our video about Bangladesh, and he would like to visit local schools and help the children we support there. And then it came, "I'm going to drive through Asia with my scooter." You should see our expressions. But we did not even know that Marek had gone on a scooter continent.
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New Book: We, Children of the Slum

The new book "We, Children of the Slum" is a surprisingly optimistic insight into the lives of the underprivileged children and people living in Bangladesh. It contains their real stories and more than 150 unique and commented photographs taken by a man known as the “Photographer without a Talent”. He expressed his efforts to help Bangladeshi children in Chalantika slum educational centre with these words:  "When you support one child, you will not change the world. But you will change his whole world."
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Bangladesh risks devastating hunger after major floods

As food aid rolls out to more than 200,000 people in flood-hit Bangladesh, the United Nations said on Wednesday that long-term food supplies were at risk with so much farmland now ruined.
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November snapshots from Chalantika

We have just come back from our annual visit to Chalantika program. Take a moment to explore some of the best moments with students we have managed to capture!
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Czech band Pio Squad supported the slum of Chalantika

The well-known hip-hop band Pio Squad from czech town Jihlava has returned to the stages with a unique intention on 2014 after several years. Working with the non-governmental humanitarian organization ADRA, members of the band decided to support the children at the educational center of Chalantika, which is located near one of the poorest slums in Bangladesh.
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The Chalantika Centre lives!

Chalantika is an educational centre  situated in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka.  It provides  free pre-school preparation  to children from the slum Chalantika prior to their admission to the first grade. The Centre supports the children even after they leave for the state school and motivates them  to complete their education successfully .  It also works with  parents of the children , for example, it offers  courses in literacy and sewing .
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